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Commandments of Dating

Different people from different backgrounds and different age groups will date differently. One can only understand how much by spending some time dating or observing people date. There are certain ground and basic rules that apply to every group to ensure success in the dating process. These commandments must be adhered to avoid embarrassment for either party.

Below are a few of these commandments:

1. Thou shall be punctual and look very good for the date. First impressions only happen once and one can therefore not afford to arrive late or show up looking shabby. This will give the impression of not really being interested in the date and that it is just a formality. Once one makes a bad first impression, all hopes go down the drain with them.

2. Thou shall complement your date. This is a sure way to show that one is paying attention to their date. It also helps calm them and lets them know that one is happy to be on the date and that it is not just a formality for them.

3. Thou shall be interesting and interested. It goes without saying that one needs to raise their date’s interest in themselves to get a chance at a future date. One cannot afford to be boring on a date as this is considered social suicide. One should also give off the feeling that they are interested in what the date has to say. It does not pay to run one’s mouth throughout the entire date till their dates cannot speak, and they are made to feel like a spectator. The best way to do this is to keep things light. A joke here or there is a good way to go, and one should not try too hard however as one may be considered to be desperate.

4. Thou shall be honest. Honesty is the best policy. In all honesty, there are some dates that do not make one want to go on a second. When this is the case, there is no need to raise their hopes up only to disappoint them. One should be courteous about letting them done but avoid lying or trying to come up with excuses as they may end up insulting their date.

5. Thou shall stay positive. Nothing is more off-putting like going out on a date with someone who is negative about everything. They are likely to say all the wrong thing and make it sound like there are a thousand other places they would rather be, and this can be quite insulting. One should, therefore, avoid falling into a negative mood at all costs. Positivity attracts positivity, and the opposite is true.

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